Interesting things you should know about Arabica coffee

From time immemorial, along with people's coffee drinking habits, comes a variety of coffees. There are many different types of coffee, the taste will depend on each, the most popular is Arabica. Arabica coffee has the scientific name  Coffea Arabica, in Vietnamese it is called “coffee coffee” because it has small leaves and some similarities with the Vietnamese tea plant, which is highly appreciated for its flavor. distinctive taste. So have you ever wondered where the origin of this coffee comes from? How are the most distinctive flavor characteristics of coffee and tea different from other types? Join Aeroco Coffee to learn interesting things about Coffea Arabica (coffee tea) to better understand this type of coffee.

Origin of Arabica coffee

Origin in the world

Arabica comes from African countries and here specifically Ethiopia. There are many records of the origin of this coffee, there are sources that say Arabica is a wild plant found in the 9th century in East Africa. Currently, natural Arabica coffee trees are only found in the rainforests of southwestern Ethiopia or on the borders of neighboring countries such as Southeast Sudan and northern Kenya.

In the 14th century, Coffea Arabica was brought from Ethiopia to Yemen in Western Asia and began to be cultivated by the Arabs. The name Arabica probably comes from the Arabian Peninsula of Arabia. Some sources believe that the name Arabica probably comes from the Arabian Peninsula of Arabia. After this coffee was introduced to the Arabica peninsula of Arabia, it was considered a special drink and perhaps to take ownership of this coffee, the Arabs named the plant the same as the name sold. their island. In the 17th - 18th centuries, Arabica coffee was transported, distributed in many parts of the world and gradually became popular until now (accounting for 70% of coffee production in the world).

Origin in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the origin of Arabica coffee (coffee coffee) was brought to Vietnam by French missionaries in 1857. This type of coffee was experimentally grown in northern provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh; some central provinces such as Quang Binh, Quang Tri; southern provinces of the Central Highlands and the Southeast. After many years of experimental cultivation in regions and provinces of Vietnam, it was discovered that the suitable type of coffee and tea grown in the Central Highlands. Over the years, now coffee and tea are grown a lot in Lam Dong, Son La,...

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Origin of "coffee tea"

The taste and benefits of Arabica coffee bring


Arabica coffee after going through the roasting process, coffee beans will have a richer flavor than Robusta coffee beans. When enjoying coffee, you will feel the characteristic sour taste of this coffee right after touching your lips. A few seconds later, the mild bitter taste spreads to the mouth, the aftertaste is a little sweet and the aroma is indescribable. The taste of this coffee is always appreciated more than that of Robusta.

In addition to the taste, the caffeine content is also a factor that makes each type of coffee unique. If Robusta has a caffeine content of about 2.5%, with Arabica the caffeine content is much lower, only about 1-1.5%, this content is very suitable for those who like to drink coffee but do not want the body to absorb too much. caffeine.


There are many different types of coffee, each with its own unique benefits. With Arabica too, the benefits of this type include:

  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Helps you stay awake because of the caffeine content.
  • Can help you stay hydrated up to 95% (according to a study by the European Food and Safety Authority - EFSA).
  • Contains trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Low calories (if no added sugar or milk is used).
  • Often used for skin care (moisturizing, whitening,...).

Aeroco Coffee brand provides Arabica coffee

Aeroco farm is produced under a strict management process: nutrition, selection of varieties, collection, preliminary processing, preservation of raw materials and finished products. All processes are recorded in a diary, ensuring product quality and protecting consumers' health.

Aeroco brand offers "coffee tea"

With a different and highly efficient production method, Aeroco has created quality Coffea Arabica (coffee and tea) beans. In 2020 Aeroco participated in “Vietnamese specialty coffee 2020”  and brought  home with 3 awards, including two awards related to Coffea Arabica as “Most Favorite Arabica” and First Prize “Products”. Arabica coffee".

Aeroco Coffee always carries with it the mission of bringing benefits to customers, always providing quality coffee beans, ensuring safety at every step of planting, harvesting, processing, preserving and closely monitoring. During the production process, the absolute delicious taste of coffee is preserved.

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