Aeroco Coffee specialty coffee with premium taste for coffee lovers

Social life is increasingly busy and hasty, rarely anyone will sit down and slowly enjoy the rich flavor of coffee because everyone is busy with their work. Besides, the taste of coffee now is much different from the past, where is the sour taste, the aroma of almonds inherent in specialty coffee.

Specialty coffee brings the essence of heaven and earth into the taste

Today, there are many lines of coffee appearing on the market, but real coffee, good coffee is few but mostly fake coffee, coffee connoisseurs call it "fake" coffee. Because its taste is not like the original coffee but also has the smell of popcorn. Just because of the "creativity" of previous coffee producers, its inherent rich flavor is gradually lost. Life is chaotic, people only drink coffee to stay awake, to work, but do not know how to enjoy coffee. Gradually, people forget its original flavor and taste.

Therefore, when enjoying coffee, people choose which type when brewing must produce black, wavy water that clings to the sides of the glass. When the ice is put in, the coffee blends and clings to the ice. Not to mention the coffee foam must be thick and long-lasting. But actually, original coffee, specialty coffee is different. Its aroma should be light, delicate, sour, almond, fruity and earthy. When taking the first sip, the sour, bitter taste mixed with a slight sweetness lingers on the palate, making anyone ecstatic, unable to hold back but take another sip.

The irresistible taste of specialty coffee - Aeroco Coffee makes coffee connoisseurs infatuated

It is not natural that coffee beans create such a rich and delicious taste. It is all due to the careful care and special processing.

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Specialty coffee is not just a drink but a whole process

What makes the name of a premium coffee?

Specialty Coffee is the name for a line of premium coffee. It is not natural that people give it the highest ranking name because it not only brings a delicious and rich flavor like the original coffee, but also a very elaborate production process.

The coffee trees are grown in natural conditions and with special care. Ripe coffee berries, carefully selected according to standards, are harvested, then put into the processing process. During the processing process, ingredients are strictly controlled through each stage to create delicious coffee beans that "fascinate" any coffee connoisseur. Finally, in order for a coffee product to receive the "superior" name, it must score 80 points or more from the evaluation process of the World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the Coffee Quality Institute. World - Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

Special farm Aeroco Coffee produces specialty coffees

At Aeroco Coffee, the special farm is located next to Eakao Lake, about 12 km southeast of Buon Ma Thuot city center, where the coffee trees are carefully cared for from seed selection to friendly fertilization. special harvesting methods and mechanisms. Not only that, the climate and soil conditions here have brought many favorable conditions for the development of coffee trees.

In order to produce coffee that pleases any connoisseur, Aeroco Coffee has selected ingredients according to strict standards. Newly harvested coffee cherries with a minimum ripeness of 95%, red berries, greenish stalks and pest-free. When harvesting, the farmer can only use his hands to pick each coffee cherries exactly as standard, do not use his hands to pluck the whole bunch because doing so will affect the flower buds below.

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Harvested coffee berries must be ripe red to ensure the characteristic flavor of coffee

After picking, the coffee berries will be peeled and washed. Depending on the coffee beans, choose the right processing method to give the final coffee flavor.

  • The wet processing method is used to balance the coffee flavor.
  • The dry processing method can help coffee beans retain their natural flavor.
  • The processing method "honey" makes coffee beans more rich and sweet.

Finally, coffee will be evaluated based on criteria such as: Aroma, taste, aftertaste, aftertaste, acidity, sweetness, etc. Coffee quality with 80 points or more is considered coffee. specialty or premium coffee.

Since then, it takes a lot of effort and time to get the best coffee with a charming and delicious taste. Having experienced its taste, you will find that other types of coffee cannot match it. Therefore, whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a first-timer, you will forever be attached to the taste of specialty coffee.


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