The journey of coffee beans before becoming a drink of thousands of people

Have you ever wondered about the journey of coffee beans from when it was just a sprout to a smooth black water with an attractive flavor that everyone is addicted to? With coffee beans, it is a process that is distilled and cherished by the hands of working farmers, the incubation and nurturing from the highland motherland, the processing stages of advanced machinery, Thanks to the care and love in the preparation of skilled workers and in our hands, coffee beans now become a great drink with quintessence and cherished love. Let's "grow up" with Aeroco Coffee with coffee beans!

From the farm

No stranger to the basalt land in the Central Highlands, coffee beans are grown here - where there is a lot of soil from the soil, germinating in the quintessence of heaven. Coffee farms are like a special highlight in the picture of rustic, rustic and peaceful nature of the rich Central Highlands.
On the farm, coffee beans will be carefully selected, with traditional planting methods from seeds or grafting methods, farmers will apply to produce the highest yielding coffee beans. In order for the tree to grow quickly and meet the standards, besides the care and technique of the grower, it is necessary to mention the "favor" of nature through the soil and climatic conditions. These are also the reasons that make Vietnam become the country with the highest annual coffee production in the top 5 in the world.
After about 3 to 4 years depending on the cultivar, in the September and October of the lunar calendar, farmers will manually harvest each coffee bean and sort them, then dry or hot brew. High-value coffee beans must be ripe, clean and properly exposed to the sun.

Harvest coffee beans

Preliminary processing of coffee beans

After harvesting, coffee beans will go through a preliminary processing stage. There are many methods depending on the time, machine conditions, the amount of labor and the original quality of the coffee beans. These are the two main methods to prepare coffee with the best quality.
Wet processing method: This processing method, although largely dependent on machine conditions, will yield higher commercial value than other methods. Because the stages of preliminary processing of coffee beans keep the coffee beans of high quality, delicious taste, uniform color and quality.
Dry processing method (semi-wet): Although this method is time-consuming, depends a lot on the temperature of the sun and the coffee grinding technique of the preprocessor, but ensures a balance of flavor and taste, the coffee has a sour taste. Just enough, full, fruity aroma or very rich fruit.

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Coffee roasting stage

This is a process that greatly affects the quality and taste of coffee beans. A batch of roasting ranges from 1 to 16 minutes depending on the method and technology applied. But the most important thing is the skill of the hard worker.
Roasting coffee with a traditional roaster: Roasting coffee by this method requires the processor to have a lot of experience to identify whether the coffee beans are ripe or not through the color and aroma of the coffee.
Roasting coffee with a modern roaster: This method helps baristas take advantage of technical machines to align the exact roasting time as well as ensure the even maturity of the coffee beans.

Roasted coffee beans

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Coffee grinding process

To serve the needs of use and convenience for users, coffee beans must be ground into a fine and fine powder. This is also an important and difficult stage with coffee beans when it is necessary to ensure that the ground powder is not too fine or too coarse, as well as the heat generated during the grinding process must be moderate to keep the right flavor. of pure coffee.

Grind coffee beans

The final stage is the packaging of finished products, storage and transportation to consumers. Despite going through many stages and pouring a lot of sweat and effort, there are hardships, but thanks to that, Vietnam has become worthy of being a country with an impressive coffee production each year. Hopefully the article can answer the "origin" of the cup of coffee with a strong flavor that you hold in your hand.

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