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Currently on the market there are many types of coffee, but not all of them are of the same quality. It is very difficult to control whether the coffee is of high quality or not because there are so many processing places. Therefore, those who love or want to learn about coffee, please equip yourself with some knowledge and information to ensure that you can properly enjoy a quality cup of coffee.

How to recognize high quality coffee

Recognizing by observation

Never assume that quality coffee is based on black color. High-quality coffee will usually be brown or light brown depending on the roasting process. If the coffee powder is deep black, then the coffee has added additives or the beans have been burned during the roasting process. There are some cases where in order to increase weight and profit people will impregnate coffee with batteries. This coffee is of poor quality and is very toxic to users that can cause cancer.

In terms of volume, quality coffee beans are usually roasted to a certain temperature, which will double in volume and reduce 20-30% in weight. So the quality coffee bags will be more than the poor quality coffee.

Quality coffee will usually have porosity, low moisture, then the coffee powder will be dry, fresh, and not lumpy. If the coffee powder is moist and lumpy, the coffee is heavily caramelized. The color of the coffee after brewing will be brown, if it is dark black, it may be bad quality coffee.

High quality coffee - Aeroco Coffee

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Recognizing by taste

Based on the taste, it is possible to judge whether the coffee is of good quality or not. The aroma of high-quality coffee will have a light, natural and very delicate aroma. Unlike poor quality coffee, it will have a strong smell, maybe the burnt smell of soybeans, burnt corn. Some other cases will add flavoring to the coffee powder to deceive the user's sense of smell.

Coffee has a bitter, slightly sour taste combined to create a very delicate and attractive taste. But some reject the original mild sour taste of coffee and claim that the coffee is spoiled or flavored. If the coffee has a strong bitter taste, not sour, it is not high quality coffee and could also be fake coffee.

Aeroco Coffee's high-quality coffee production process

Based on the "From farm to cup" model, the coffee beans are the quintessence of a strict production process from care and processing steps. At the farm, only ripe, red coffee sticks are harvested to create high-quality coffee products, specialty coffees with natural floral and fruit flavors, bitter after sweet taste typical of the country. Ban Me coffee shop.

After harvesting, the coffee cherries will be processed by methods such as: Wet processing will help balance the coffee flavor and taste, dry processing will help coffee beans absorb all the sweetness and flavor. To maximize the natural flavor of the coffee fruit, the "honey" processing method helps to harvest coffee beans with a sweet, rich flavor.

Coffee production process

Aeroco Coffee - Certificate of high quality coffee

On March 10, 2020, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association just held a ceremony to announce the results and award prizes for a specialty coffee contest. Vietnam 2020 for the second time (Vietnam Amazing Cup 2020). At this contest, 36 gardeners, business units of coffee shops and roasters nationwide, from the South to the North, from the Central Highlands to the remote Son La province, Ho Chi Minh City, from Binh Duong to Hanoi capital. There were a total of 56 samples participating in which 33 samples of Robusta coffee and the rest were Arabica coffee.

Selected are samples that have been screened through many tastings by the judges, who are experts from 4 countries of Mexico, Japan, Korea and Malaysia and some prestigious judges in the country.
In addition, not only based on the results of voting according to the strict grading scale of the judging panel according to the general international process, the contest also had two sessions to give the 10 best samples to the participating and non-participating gardeners. buy at home and abroad, taste and vote.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The most interesting thing is that in addition to winning the first prize of Arabica, Arabica and Robusta samples of Menudo Farm-Care Co., Ltd (Dak Lak) were bought and roasted by both judges, growers and many buyers.

Grinding at home and abroad, selected samples of high quality coffee, delicious coffee, and specialties are the most popular.

Aeroco Coffee - Certificate of quality coffee

In addition to achieving great achievements in the competition "Specialty Coffee 2020" in Buon Ma Thuot. Aeroco Coffee also received many quality standards such as Rainforest Alliance, ISO 22000, HACCP Codex Alimentarius, FDA (USA).

Aeroco Coffee is proud to be a provider of high-quality coffees , always bringing the best quality products from the first step to the finished product. Hopefully with this article, you will know more about the brand and raise the level of Vietnamese coffee to the next level.

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