Tips for you to recognize the rustic coffee

There are many names of coffee named after its cultivars. But not all are named like that, there are some coffee names that are named after the processing method, like rustic coffee. The name of this coffee is named after the coffee roasting method, the coffee is roasted according to the process without any flavoring, completely natural. So Aeroco Coffee will tell you how to recognize rustic coffee.

What is rustic coffee?

Wood coffee, also known as rustic roasted coffee, is pure coffee that is naturally roasted without adding any other flavorings.

Criteria for making rustic roasted coffee:

  • Harvest ripe fruits with sufficient sugar content. Do not harvest green or damaged berries.
  • The right temperature does not make the coffee burn about 190 - 250 degrees, the new coffee has a characteristic aroma, taste, and is not burnt.
  • Because rustic coffee does not use flavoring when roasted at high temperature, the aroma is very easy to evaporate. Therefore, after roasting, it is necessary to cool the coffee immediately to avoid the smell.
  • In order to prevent coffee from losing flavor or changing coffee color, it is necessary to store it in a special bag.
  • Depending on the purpose, use the appropriate amount of coffee to be brewed. Avoid grinding too much, it's best to use as much ground coffee as you can to enjoy the true taste of rustic roasted coffee.

Standards to make rustic coffee

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How to recognize rustic coffee
Identify through coffee beans
The characteristic of rustic coffee is that no flavoring is used in the roasting process, so you can touch the coffee beans to identify. Wood roasted coffee beans have a rough, rough surface, without a sticky, greasy feeling. However, not necessarily so, sometimes you will find the appearance a bit greasy and the characteristic aroma of this coffee. The weight of roasted coffee beans is lighter because the coffee is not mixed with any impurities.


Identify through coffee powder
In some coffee shops, they may not grind ready-made coffee, but grind it when the customer requests it. If pre-ground for a long time, it can make the coffee smell. Based on 3 characteristics you can identify whether it is rustic coffee or not.

Appearance: After grinding, the roasted coffee powder will be as porous as dry sand when you touch it with your hands. If you feel the coffee powder is moist or lumpy, it may have added some additives or cornstarch.

​Taste: When you smell it, you can feel the strong taste of coffee, this is the typical taste of rustic roasted coffee. Often some types of coffee, if added additives, the taste of coffee will be different, buttery or nutty.

​Physical properties: Coffee is usually dry, if you add a little coffee powder to the water. If it is rustic roasted coffee, it takes a while for the coffee powder to absorb water and sink. If the coffee has impurities, the nature is more humid, the coffee powder will absorb water and sink faster. Besides, pure roasted coffee when dissolved with water will be pale, but with coffee with impurities, the color can be dark or black when dissolved with water.

Ways to recognize rustic coffee

Recognizing by mixing
​When brewing, we can tell if it's rustic coffee based on two processes during brewing and after brewing.

During brewing:

Also because of the dry nature, when pressed, the coffee will be porous and elastic, while coffee with impurities, the coffee powder is as easy to compress as clay.
When boiling water is poured into the coffee, there is bubbling phenomenon, it is rustic coffee, the coffee powder will slowly expand as it absorbs water. As for coffee that has been mixed with impurities, the coffee will absorb water very quickly without much foam because the nature of the coffee with impurities is moist.

After brewing:

​A lot of people think that coffee after brewing will be black, but that's not really the case. After brewing, the rustic coffee powder will have a cockroach brown color, if it is black, it may be coffee mixed with impurities such as butter or it may be burnt during the roasting process.
​In addition, roasted coffee water is usually quite liquid and does not have a thick consistency like powder. This may be the point to identify rustic roasted coffee the easiest.

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You already know what roasted coffee is, the standards for making coffee, and ways to know what is rustic coffee, which is flavored coffee or impurities. Aeroco Coffee hopes to provide those who love coffee with the most necessary information.

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