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Arabica coffee is the most popular coffee in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Arabica has the shape of a tea tree, small leaves, low trees. However, surely not everyone knows exactly what Arabica coffee is and what interesting properties it has? Let Aeroco Coffee find out the mystery behind this attractive coffee bean. 


Learn about Arabica coffee

Arabica, also known as coffee and tea, has only 1 to 2% caffeine content. Arabica is very preferred living in the high mountains. Arabica coffee is usually grown at altitudes between 1000 and 1490 meters. Mature coffee trees can be from 4 to 6 meters tall, however the maximum height that the tree can reach is 15 meters.

Arabica has small oval, dark green leaves. The oval fruit is slightly distorted, each containing two coffee beans. There are 4 types of Arabica coffee.

Arabica has a sour taste mixed with mild bitterness, light brown color, clear amber color. Arabica coffee is the main ingredient of coffee companies around the world, the most famous coffee brands in the world. Arabica can also process many unique dishes and drinks.

The scent of Arabica is very elegant and noble, Arabica has a syrupy smell, a fruity smell, a little more the taste of honey, the smell of toast, the smell of straw fields at noon in summer... All makes a glass Arabica coffee conquers the world and even the most fastidious people.

Arabica Coffee

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4 types of Arabica Coffee

Typica is a name that is not too strange to Arabica coffee lovers, but it also goes along with the development history of the coffee industry, especially in the early stages. For coffee connoisseurs, Typica is like a standard measure for all coffee quality. And more interestingly, people often argue about the good and bad of coffee based on the taste of Typica.
Due to genetics, Typica coffee beans contain a lot of malic acid for an apple-like sour taste, plus a slight sweetness and bitterness - all creating a harmonious whole with an ecstatic and seductive aroma. Only Typica has it.

Compared to Bourbon, the fruit of Typica is longer and more eye-catching. Trees that only grow at an altitude of 1500m and above are very difficult to grow because of their very poor resistance to pests and diseases, which require extremely favorable climatic and soil conditions. Because of these characteristics, the productivity of Typica is very low, plus the care and conservation techniques are quite complicated, so this variety is very rare  (especially purebred Typica). The price of Typica coffee is usually quite high.

Typica coffee

In addition to Typica, Arabica coffee also has Bourbon coffee with  sweet, mild sour, pleasant taste with many layers of flavor such as vanilla, caramel, apple, pear, cedar, malt... That's why the taste of Bourbon is appreciated. is delicate and gentle. Distinctive and sophisticated, Bourbon can lead the way in the coffee world.

Bourbon is a natural variant of Typica and is one of the most culturally and genetically important coffee varieties in the world. The name Bourbon comes from the name of a French island - where French missionaries brought seeds from Yemeni Arabica coffee to grow. In 1875, the French first brought this type of coffee to Vietnam for cultivation.

Bourbon coffee berries have a round shape, red, yellow and sometimes even orange colors in each coffee bean. Leaves are green or yellow, small branches grow conical, inclined 60 degrees to the main stem. Bourbon coffee grows best at altitudes from 1000m - 2000m. Although the quality of coffee is highly appreciated, this coffee variety is very susceptible to pests and diseases, and has poor resistance.

Bourbon Coffee

People have a lot of good words for the taste of coffee made from Mocha beans. In Vietnam, Mocha coffee is grown very little, mainly in Cau Dat area (Lam Dong). With a lot of rainfall, suitable altitude and especially basalt red soil, Mocha seeds here have a sour taste of fruit, a combination of mild bitterness, not too harsh, moderate fat, bringing a masterpiece that Any coffee fanatic must be super satisfied.

Mocha or Moka is a dwarf mutant variety of Bourbon. The name of this coffee variety is named after a port in Yemen - which is known as the cradle of the development of Arabica coffee. Like the brothers in the family of Arabica coffee, Mocha is a difficult plant to grow, low yield and only grows at an altitude of  1500m or more.

The stem is light gray in color and slightly flattened compared to other varieties due to its hard-to-carry characteristics. As they begin to ripen, Mocha berries turn from light green to tomato red or deep red. Compared to other coffee beans, Mocha beans are round and small, not long and flat.

Moka Coffee

Catimor is the "youngest brother" in the great Arabica coffee family and is also the coffee variety with the strongest vitality. Hybrid between two coffee varieties Timor and Caturra (Timor is a hybrid coffee variety between Arabica and Robusta), Catimor possesses outstanding growth characteristics, good resistance to pests and diseases. Not only that, the taste of Catimor is perfectly balanced between Timor's sourness and sweetness.

This coffee variety usually grows optimally at an altitude of 700 - 1000m, often gives high yield with delicious coffee quality. Therefore, Catimor is widely grown in Vietnam, including some of the following popular varieties:

  • Catimor T-8667: The stem is quite short but produces very large fruits and seeds.
  • Catimor T-5269: A hardy, adaptable and well-developed coffee variety, at an altitude of 600 - 900m above sea level, rainfall over 3000mm/year.
  • Catimor T-5175: A very high yielding coffee variety, but not adapted to growing conditions in places that are too low or too high.

Catimor Coffee

This is information about "Muse" Arabica, Aeroco Coffee hopes you will understand more about Arabica coffee as well as other types of Arabica coffee.

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