Roasted coffee beans and the story after creating a great taste

Making a good cup of coffee is also very elaborate. Coffee beans are tested and evaluated throughout the roasting process to produce roasted coffee beans that have an original, delicious taste. Behind that seductive taste is a whole story.

The strange coffee taste of Vietnamese people

Black water mixed with thick foam, bitter taste, acrid on the tip of the tongue. That's what the Vietnamese think about the "delicious" coffee taste. But few people know that really good coffee must have a gentle, slightly bitter taste, and the smell of almonds. Can't blame the strange "gut" of Vietnamese coffee. In the past, the society was difficult, coffee was then classified as a luxury product, but people wanted to drink it, and families wanted to drink it. That's how cheap coffee appeared. Then Vietnamese people forget the old taste, the delicate and rich coffee taste from roasted coffee beans.

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In order to have a delicious and rich cup of coffee with the original taste, the coffee beans are not only carefully selected, but the roasting process is also very complicated. After being selected, coffee beans will have to go through many "tests" to be able to create delicious and attractive coffee beans.

The story behind creating the taste of roasted coffee beans

Only those who are passionate about the bitter, slightly sweet taste of the original coffee know how elaborate the effort is in making a good cup of coffee. Unlike cheap coffee, which is mixed with many flavors from different ingredients, roasted coffee beans have to go through many complicated stages, go through many times of strict control in the processing stage to have Great coffee taste.

After being separated from the fruit and washed, the coffee beans have almost no coffee smell, instead the smell of grass. Having to go through the heating stages, the new coffee beans wake up to the standard aroma of roasted coffee beans. Engineers working in coffee factories say that there are more than 800 to 1000 different aromatic compounds from roasted coffee beans and it is these aromatic compounds that create the characteristic aroma of coffee.

For the perfect taste, the standard of input ingredients and each stage of the roasting process are strictly controlled by a skilled engineer. Before roasting, the beans are dried from low to high temperatures. After drying, the coffee beans begin to smell but not the smell of roasted coffee beans.

The color of roasted coffee beans is related to taste and deliciousness.

To get the right aroma, coffee beans must be heated to a higher temperature (about 230 - 260 degrees Celsius). When entering the roasting stage, the green coffee beans will turn brown and the aroma begins to become more obvious. This stage is very important, it determines the taste and quality of roasted coffee beans. Because the degree of roasting and roasting time affect the color and aroma of the beans. Lightly roasted coffee beans are tart and have more fruit flavors than dark roasted beans. Depending on the purpose and taste of each brand, the manufacturer will adjust the roasting and roasting time accordingly.

Making coffee delicious is difficult, making the taste of specialty coffee is much more complicated. Coffee beans are tested and screened many times before being roasted. Based on the quality of the coffee beans, adjust the appropriate roasting time and temperature. Finally, in order for roasted coffee beans to be preserved carefully to keep the excellent taste of specialty coffee.

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Aeroco Coffee - The place where the taste of premium roasted coffee beans is made

In order to obtain the right ingredients with strict standards of color and taste, the coffee beans at Aeroco Coffee must be carefully cared for and harvested, ensuring that each coffee bean obtained meets the input standards. Next, the beans are processed with many different methods depending on the quality of the beans to create roasted coffee beans with many delicious flavors such as: The smell of ripe jackfruit, chestnut, caramel or dark chocolate...

Experience the taste with roasted coffee beans Aeroco Coffee

It is the journey of creating premium roasted coffee beans that bring to the taster a delicate and gentle experience from the first touch on the tip of the tongue to the aftertaste that lingers on the palate. The taste of coffee is just that, but for each person, the bitter taste of coffee has a different meaning. Because, each person is their own story and so are coffee beans.


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