Unique features of Cold Brew coffee that you should know

If you are a fan of coffee, you are probably familiar with coffees that are made hot and enjoyed by drinking hot coffee or adding a few ice cubes. However, there is a quite unique way of drinking that you should know is Cold Brew coffee. With the unique way of drinking this coffee, you will feel the novelty. Aeroco Coffee will help you know about Cold Brew coffee, the origin, difference and brewing method of this coffee.

What is Cold Brew Coffee? Origin of Cold Brew coffee

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold Brew means cold brew, is a cold brewed coffee. The type of coffee is brewed with cold water for about 12-24 hours, to extract all the essence in the coffee before mixing or using it with sugar, condensed milk...

Cold Brew is a coffee with a delicate flavor thanks to such a way of brewing, the characteristic bitterness is greatly reduced, less sour, the taste is quite novel and the characteristic aroma is limited when brewing coffee with hot water.

Cold Brew - Origin of appearance

Origin of Cold Brew coffee

Coffee Cold Brew originates from the Netherlands - the land of tulips. During the sea voyage, which can last for several weeks in a row, in order to have cups of coffee, Dutch sailors had to soak coffee in pots in the compartment. Because there is no hot water material, this method is both simple and convenient, and can preserve coffee for a longer time.

After Dutch merchants brought Cold Brew coffee to Japan. Here, the Japanese have improved and created this drink to a new level. Since the 19th century, Cold Brew has been popular in many countries such as England, the colonies of America, ...

The special feature of Cold Brew coffee compared to other types of coffee


Brewed by using cold water method, the incubation time is quite long for extraction. But the characteristic flavor of this coffee is very mild and pleasant due to low temperature brewing. Although mixing in this way must be done step by step according to the correct process, it takes a long time, but the finished product is very fragrant, delicious, rich and can be preserved and used for a long time at cold temperatures.

For a special taste instead of drinking it directly, it can be combined with milk, sugar, juice or used as a background for some Coffee Cocktails.

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Temperature, phase form

For regular coffee, use hot water at high temperature to brew. Brewing at a hot temperature is easier to dissolve coffee, volatile to create a stronger aroma. But if it is at a hot temperature, it will make the essences easy to oxidize, creating a sour and bitter taste. For Cold Brew, cold water will be used to brew coffee to get the essence that is not easily oxidized, reducing solubility. Therefore, the coffee will have a milder aroma, less sour taste and less bitter taste.

The form of brewing coffee is also very special, instead of pouring hot water into the coffee, you can enjoy it in the filter for a short time. But with Cold Brew coffee, it is soaked in cold water and brewed for a long time, depending on the taste of coffee you want, based on the time of about 12-24 hours.

Special Features of Cold Brew

High caffeine content

Coffee Cold Brew has a higher caffeine content than other types of coffee. Depending on different coffee recipes, the amount of caffeine will vary but still higher than other types of coffee. Many people will think that, with high caffeine content, coffee has a strong, bitter, and sour taste, but for Cold Brew, although it has high caffeine content, the taste is very mild, less sour, much less bitter. Because this point makes a special point with Cold Brew, coffee lovers cannot be ignored.

How to make Cold Brew coffee

​​​Coffee Cold Brew has a special flavor than other regular coffees because of its unique brewing method. Use cold water to mix and must follow the correct order of steps to get that special flavor.

​Step 1: Prepare coffee

​Prepare the amount of coffee you want to brew, about 250g of coffee beans and then grind it (no need to grind the coffee too fine). Next, divide the ground coffee into two equal parts, one part will be placed in a glass jar with 250ml of water. Stir well for coffee to absorb water and brew for about 5 minutes.

​Step 2: Brew coffee

With the rest of the coffee, after 5 minutes pour it into a glass jar with the same ratio as the first time and also stir well to add the coffee evenly. Cover the jar, put it in the fridge and let it sit for 12-24 hours. The brewing process takes quite a while, but the longer it takes, the better the coffee will taste.

Step 3: Filter the coffee

After the incubation time is enough, it is necessary to filter the coffee through filter paper. Continue to filter the coffee into another glass jar with pure Cold Brew coffee. Depending on preference, it can be mixed with sugar, condensed milk or fresh milk to drink.

How to make Cold Brew coffee

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With this brewing method, coffee can be preserved for a long time. If you wait patiently for the brewing time, you can enjoy a delicious Cold Brew coffee. If you want to be more alert at work, want a delicious, gentle drink, Cold Brew is the right choice. Hy

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