Clean coffee production process at Aeroco Coffee

Vietnamese people have the habit of starting their day with a cup of hot coffee. Therefore, the coffee trading market is growing and expanding. However, not every consumer can find a source of clean, pure and quality coffee. Is good coffee clean enough?

Clean coffee and how to recognize it?

Clean coffee is coffee made from 100% pure coffee beans and not mixed with any other ingredients. And during the processing process, no additives, chemicals or flavors will be used, no preservatives and always ensure food safety and hygiene.

This type of coffee brings in itself the pure aroma of coffee, not too intense, strong but delicate, deep and high bar that captivates the audience.

How to identify clean coffee

Coffee when roasted for enough time and reached the right temperature will create a cup of coffee with a bitter taste along with a mild sour taste. Due to the organic acids present in coffee contribute to the Acidity characteristic of this drink.

Besides, each drop of this coffee will bring pure coffee flavor and rich, pure coffee taste, giving you the feeling that the flavor is still lingering on your lips, on your tongue in a sweet way.

As for coffee that has been mixed with impurities, it will often have an attractive aroma due to flavoring substances. The coffee taste will often be bitter and the coffee drops will not be transparent, but instead opaque. When enjoying coffee, you will feel dry at the tip of your tongue and throat due to the residual impurities in the by-products.

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Benefits that clean coffee brings to health

Benefits that clean coffee brings to health
  • Drinking coffee will help keep your mind alert and creative.
  • Coffee is also good for the liver, preventing diseases such as cirrhosis, fatty liver, hepatitis.
  • Has the effect of preventing stroke, enhancing antioxidant supplementation, reducing the risk of cancer.
  • As a low-calorie drink, drinking coffee in the morning helps increase metabolism, burning calories. Supports the weight loss process.
  • In coffee contains many antioxidants that are essential for the skin, and caffeine and niacin work to remove dirt in the pores.

Clean coffee production process at Aeroco Coffee

At Aeroco Coffee, we produce clean coffee beans according to an extremely strict management process from planting, caring, harvesting, preliminary processing, preserving raw materials until the finished product. And all processes are recorded in a diary, to be able to ensure product quality as well as protect the health of consumers.

Coffee farm of the brand Aeroco Coffee

Taking care of coffee at the farm

At Aeroco Coffee farm, we have all the factors from choosing coffee varieties on demand, to climate and soil conditions with care from people. We cooperate with farmers who do not use pesticides, take care of organic coffee trees, and take advantage of available organic sources in the garden and use biological products. to be able to enhance soil fertility and be environmentally friendly. The output may be low, but the quality of the clean beans Aeroco produces is a completely different result.

Harvest high quality specialty coffee products

The process of harvesting coffee berries from the farm

Harvested fruit must be uniformly ripe, red main percentage above 95% and not fall to the ground. After being harvested from the orchard, the fruit is sorted, washed and fermented under strict conditions. After that, it is dried for 20-25 days.

Processing products at Aeroco

After being harvested and undergoing some preliminary processing, it is necessary to control factors from peeling, suitable fermentation, moderate drying so that the coffee beans dry evenly without being damaged. re-moisturized. After drying the coffee will rest, to prepare for the final stage of raw processing and shipping.

The coffee processing process is clean, meticulously cared for, from the product container must be made of 100% stainless steel, to the roasting machines must be ensured, closely monitored during the whole roasting process until the end. work, to be able to keep the absolute delicious taste of coffee.

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Packaging and storage

After processing, coffee beans will be sorted by size and color and packaged. And to keep the quality of coffee, storage is one of the most important steps, the storage temperature is usually below 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity is below 50%.

Aeroco Coffee is proud to carry the mission of honoring the value of Vietnamese coffee. Let's enjoy a clean cup of coffee at Aeroco Coffee with a bitter taste after sweet mixed with a moderate sour taste and the passionate taste of Dak Lak.

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