Take a look at the famous coffees in Vietnam and the world market

Coffee is a drink with a special flavor, which is always loved by many people of different ages and classes. In the world, people have discovered many different  types of coffee, each of which brings a unique taste and of course their prices are also different. Because there are many different types of coffee, with different flavors, this also makes it difficult to choose the right type of coffee you want for those who are new to coffee. In the following article, Aeroco Coffee will take you on a "travel" to discover the famous "coffee" in Vietnam and around the world.

Famous coffees in Vietnam market

Vietnam is ranked second in the world in exporting coffee to other countries. As a coffee lover, do you know all the famous  cafes in Vietnam? There are 5 types of coffee that are popular and  popular in Vietnam noware: Cafe Robusta, Cafe Arabica, Cafe Cherry, Cafe Moka and Cafe Culi.

1. Coffee Robusta

Famous coffees in Vietnam market - Cafe Robusta

Coffee Robusta is also known by another name, cafe vói, they belong to the top best coffees in Vietnam today. This coffee variety is adapted to tropical climates and is mainly grown in the Central Highlands at an altitude of 600m. This is a popular type of coffee that accounts for a large proportion of the country's total coffee production.

Coffee Robusta is considered a delicious coffee because it has many distinct advantages, such as: Strong aroma, mild bitter taste, not sour, very suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

2. Coffee Arabica

Famous coffees in Vietnam market - Cafe Arabica

Arabica coffee is called tea cafe, they have long seeds and are grown at an altitude of over 600m. The  cafe Arabica berries are harvested, then fermented, washed and dried. With fermentation during processing, so the taste of this coffee will be slightly more acidic than current coffees, this sour taste is not a bitter sour taste like lemon, but a mild sour taste and will gradually change to a bitter taste. bitter.

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3. Cafe Cherry

Famous coffees in Vietnam market - Cafe Cherry

Cafe Cherry, also known as Liberty, is a jackfruit coffee variety. Although this variety is not as popular as other types of coffee, it has very good resistance to pests and diseases and gives a high yield. Grown in sunny, windy highlands and does not require watering. Cafe Cherry has very different characteristics and taste, beautiful golden coffee beans. After preparing, you will feel the light aroma, especially the sour taste of cherries, bringing a very refreshing feeling.

4. Cafe Moka


Famous coffees in Vietnam market - Cafe Moka

Cafe Moka is one of the famous coffee lines belonging to the  Arabica family. In Vietnam, moka  is a rare type of coffee, and the price is always higher than other types of coffee. Moka seeds are bigger and more beautiful than other varieties. Its very special aroma will bring a bit of bitterness mixed with a little sour and fatty taste of the oil in the coffee beans.

5. Cafe Culi

Famous coffees in Vietnam market - Cafe Culi

Cafe Culi can also be called with the other Peaberry. This type of coffee is characterized by a round shape like a pea, and has an attractive aroma and taste. A special feature of this coffee is that each fruit has only one seed, in each harvest, Culi coffee only accounts for about 5% of the total. Therefore, this type of coffee is quite rare and the price is also higher than the general level of the market.

Famous coffees in the world

Currently, coffee trees are grown in more than 50 countries around the world, including some countries that export different types of coffee such as: Indonesia, Jamaica, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc. Let's take a look at a few types of coffee. famous in the world!

1. Cafe Colombia

Famous coffees in the world - Cafe Colombia

Coffee Colombia is the most popular variety in Colombia, a blend of two types of Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee. Unlike other types of coffee, this coffee is grown and developed in Colombia for the purpose of fighting pests and increasing yields. Although Colombia has a rich and beautiful aroma, very high acidity mixed with a bitter aftertaste, it is almost impossible to find a sweet aftertaste; This type of coffee is often used for high-end coffee brands.

2. Ethiopian Cafe

Famous coffees in the world - Cafe Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Africa's third-largest coffee producer, the cradle of coffee, and one of the most popular coffee-producing regions in the world. The aroma of indigenous African coffee varieties is extremely rich, from chocolate to the smell of baked goods, from the scent of grass to the smell of fruit; From sweet to sour, from bitter to spicy.

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3. Cafe Bourbon

Famous coffees in the world - Cafe Bourbon

Cafe Bourbon is a variety of coffee named after its original growing area - on the island of Bourbon, which is now on Reunion Island to the east of Madagascar. Cafe Bourbon is usually produced at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level 

20 - 30% more pond than Typica, but it can produce coffee of the same quality. This coffee has a very attractive sour taste with a seductive aroma.

4. Blue Mountain Cafe

Famous coffees in the world - Blue Mountain Cafe

Cafe Blue Mountain is one of the most expensive and most popular Arabica beans in the world compared to other coffees. It originates from the eastern side of the  Blue Mountains in  Jamaica. The Blue Mountains are over 2000 meters above sea level and are among the highest coffee-producing regions in the world. Here, the climate is pleasant, the rainfall is abundant, the soil is rich in nutrients, and the water permeability is good. However, Blue Mountain coffee is not suitable for other climatic conditions. Climate change will change the taste of coffee. This is why it is currently only grown in Jamaica and Hawaii.

The scent of  Blue Mountain  coffee is light and pleasant but full of sophistication, strangely attractive with a slight bitter taste, less sour, pure and a little sweet, quite rich.

5. Kopi Luwak Weasel Cafe

Famous coffees in the world - Weasel Cafe Kopi Luwak

Cafe Kopi Luwak is also known as weasel coffee. Weasel coffee beans are obtained entirely from the faeces of the weasel. This coffee is almost exclusively found on the Indonesian islands of  Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. Through a special processing method, the price of this product is very high compared to other types of coffee.

Weasel coffee has a greasy taste, less sour than regular coffee and has a very special rich flavor, combining light sweetness like chocolate, caramel, fruit and bitter taste very pleasant, gentle and ethereal.

Through the above sharing of Aeroco Coffee about famous cafes in Vietnam and the world, have you chosen for yourself which coffee  is suitable or not? If not, why don't you visit the  Aeroco Coffee farm to enjoy and choose for yourself the  quality coffees that are directly roasted and ground according to the special recipe  of  Aeroco Coffee.

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