Learn about today's popular machine-brewed coffee dishes

Over time, coffee has gradually become a unique and typical culture for many countries. In different places, there will be different ways to enjoy coffee. Today, machine-made coffee is becoming more and more popular, not only saving time, but also important to produce better quality coffee, ensuring the full delicious taste. Let's Aeroco Coffee learn about today's popular machine-made coffee dishes!

What is machine coffee?

Perhaps we are too familiar with the image of coffee drops in the filter. Therefore, the concept of machine-made coffee is probably still quite foreign to everyone. Machine brewed coffee is also known as Espresso (meaning “instant coffee”). Espresso appeared in the 1930s and originated in beautiful Italy. And up to now, Espresso is not only very popular in European countries but also spread all over the world, becoming a drink that is loved by many coffee followers.

Making coffee by machine

Coffee machine is a combination of pure coffee beans that are finely ground and compressed under great pressure. To create a cup of coffee is very quick but not simple, requires meeting strict standards such as: The water used to make coffee must have a temperature of 88 - 94 degrees Celsius, with pressure. about 9 bars. 

This whole process will take place from 22 - 30s, to create 30ml of pure coffee with the best extracted nuances and flavors.

A machine-made coffee will be made up of 2 layers: Crema and Liquid.

Crema: The upper layer of red-brown foam is generated from water and the emulsification layer found in pure coffee beans. This foam will taste very bitter.

Liquid: The ingredient that creates the distinctive flavor of machine-brewed coffee.

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Is the quality of coffee brewed by a machine good?

The four factors that determine the quality of a cup of coffee are: The quality of the beans, the water temperature, the amount of water, and the brewing time. And coffee machines have very successfully promoted these uses. Machine-brewed coffee is characterized by extremely fast dispensing speed and coffee is only needed through the hot tap. Therefore, we can easily enjoy hot, delicious cups of coffee. The coffee making process is closed, so machine-made coffee will often achieve excellent quality.

Today, machine-brewed coffee is widely applied and increasingly popular. To be able to create coffee with perfect quality, uniform in quality as well as retain delicious taste. Coffee machines can easily control factors such as: amount of coffee, water temperature, brewing time and have a compressor to make sure they are always at a stable level. To be able to extract coffee that meets the standards of taste and save more coffee.

The raw materials of machine coffee are pure coffee beans that are ground by professional grinders, which can be adjusted to grind coffee beans according to coarse, medium or fine. Therefore, ensuring the quality of clean coffee, without any impurities to help the coffee taste, and at the same time ensure the health and safety of users.

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Machine-made coffees are popular today

Espresso coffee Espresso

Coffee Espresso

Espresso is a very strong machine-made coffee. To prepare this type of coffee requires very high pressure and must use machines invented by the Italians. Coffee will be created through the process of pressurizing water through the ground and compressed coffee powder, the coffee will slowly pour into the cup. Then on the surface of the Espresso cup, there will be a layer of yellow-brown foam called crema.

Coffee Latte

Coffee Latte is a type of machine-brewed coffee combined with hot milk in the ratio of ⅓ Espresso and ⅔ hot milk combined with a layer of milk foam. 

Coffee Cappuccino

Coffee Cappuccino

The main ingredients to make a cup of Cappuccino include Espresso coffee, hot milk and milk foam in equal proportions. For the traditional way of making Cappuccino, the top of the drink will often be sprinkled with a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder.

Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato is a combination of machined coffee and hot milk. The special thing of this coffee is the beautiful layering, the first layer is the heated milk, the second is coffee and the third is a beautiful milk foam layer. At first, Latte Macchiato was a coffee made for children because of its low caffeine content, but with the distinctive delicious taste that Latte Macchiato makes adults love just as much.

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So we have learned about the popular machine-made coffee dishes today. Hope this article will bring you useful information.

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