4 things to know about specialty coffee whoever you are?

What is the right definition of specialty coffee, and is understanding this coffee what a coffee lover should do? With the values ​​that this coffee brings, it has raised the position of Vietnamese coffee to a completely different position.

What is specialty coffee?

“Specialty coffee” is not a strange phrase for those who like to drink coffee, but among them, not everyone can properly define this phrase, or just understand it in a rough way. 1 "delicious" coffee.

A definition that is considered to be the most correct and sufficient for this Specialty Coffee is: “This is a type of coffee grown in an area with special natural conditions, undergoing careful care, harvesting and processing. dual. The condition for this coffee to be born is 80 points or more on the 100-point scale of the World Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and the World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). - said by expert Erna Knutsen, in Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1974.

Aeroco Coffee's coffee farm

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Choosing a variety of coffee

The most standard condition to evaluate what is a specialty coffee is that the coffee beans must reach 80 points or more in terms of taste. The type of coffee that is said to meet this condition is Arabica coffee with a distinctive flavor unique to the high-end segment. The caffeine content in Arabica coffee accounts for only 1-2%, lower than that of Robusta coffee.

Arabica coffee varieties through screening, selecting suitable varieties will be grown in standard soil and climate conditions. Therefore, the harvested output will not be high and will not be maintained continuously.

Arabica specialty coffee varieties

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Processing method

Growing and taking care of is difficult, but to produce delicious coffee beans, meeting standard conditions, the processing process is equally important. Coffee beans are carefully selected, then brought to the factory for processing. There are three common methods as follows:

Wet processing

This is the most common but very expensive processing method. This method is commonly used in countries such as Central America and South America. True to its name, coffee beans after being brought to the factory will be removed from the outer shell and soaked in water, then fermented and finally dried. This process takes place under the operation of modern machines, so the processing cost is extremely expensive.

Dry processing

This method is often applied in arid areas or where water is scarce, especially countries in Africa such as Yemen, Ethiopia. Coffee beans after being harvested are processed completely in natural conditions. Specifically, coffee beans will be exposed to the sun for several weeks, until completely dry. Then go through the process of grinding the shell and separating the beans to get the finished coffee beans. It is thanks to such a completely "natural" processing method that coffee beans have a sweet aroma mixed with a bit of sunshine.

The method of processing dry coffee in the greenhouse

Processing “honey”

This somewhat interesting and strange sounding method is actually a combination of two methods of wet processing and dry processing. Processing "honey" is special in that after removing the skin, the mucilage on the surface of the coffee beans is retained. After a short fermentation process (12 hours), the beans are directly dried.

Each processing method has its own characteristics, but the results all produce specialty coffee beans that are completely consistent in quality.


Quality and scarcity go hand in hand with the price of the product. Because of the rigorous selection of varieties, the extremely elaborate cultivation and care, processing and preservation by modern machines and technology, the price of specialty coffee is often much higher than that of ordinary coffee. .

Although the price is high, but not so that the demand of customers decreases. This results in low-end coffees that are branded and sold at sky-high prices. Understanding customers, Aeroco Coffee was born since then, bringing a brand with real value that makes customers satisfied.

Value brought

Coffee business is not only for profit but also passion and enthusiasm of business people.

Regular coffee is sold only to serve the needs of consumers such as helping to stay awake or refreshment, bringing high profits. On the contrary, the specialty coffee trader always puts himself in the position of being the one who keeps the "enthusiasm" for the profession, thereby bringing Vietnamese coffee to a new level, bringing great spiritual values. for coffee drinkers.

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Today's specialty coffee is no longer a strange name to us, it is the special features of this coffee that it is highly appreciated whether domestically or internationally. Since then, the brands supplying this type of coffee were born, including Aeroco Coffee - a trusted brand for many years, with the mission of bringing true value to Vietnamese coffee consumers.

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