How to distinguish different types of coffee in Vietnam today?

Coffee is an indispensable drink everywhere in Vietnam. The types of coffee in Vietnam are extremely diverse, instead of being overwhelmed by them, let's take a look at the  most popular coffees in Vietnam with Aeroco Coffee..

How to distinguish pure coffee

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is also known as tea coffee. Grown in high mountain areas, the appropriate temperature is about 15 - 25 degrees Celsius

The height of the Arabica coffee tree is about 4-6m, the fruit is oval, each containing two coffee beans. Arabica has two main strains, namely Moka and Catimor.

The taste of Arabica is a bit sour and a bit bitter, which is very typical compared to other types of coffee, the coffee water is amber, clear. The aroma of Arabica beans is elegant, but depending on the soil, the coffee flavor will be different. Some have the scent of honey combined with fruit, there are also those with the scent of toast,...

The way to distinguish Arabica coffee in Vietnam, the Moka line has a gentle aroma and a light taste. The Catimor line is different, with a strong aroma and slightly sour taste.

Coffee Arabica

Robusta coffee - Robusta coffee

Another name is Voi coffee, originating from countries with tropical climates, with an appropriate temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Dak Nong, Kon Tum, Dak Lak are the most grown places in Vietnam.

Those who are connoisseurs of coffee surely understand that Robusta is very different from Arabica, the sour taste is obvious and the bitterness is much stronger, the caffeine content is quite high, about 3-4%.

This is clearly a coffee for those who have a strong taste, suitable for making filter. When enjoying, you will feel the difference with current coffees.

Coffee Robusta

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Cherry Coffee - Jackfruit Coffee

Another name for Cherry coffee is jackfruit coffee or Liberty coffee. Originated mainly from West African countries and a few Asian countries. There are two main lines that are Liberia and Excelsa. Jackfruit coffee has large, glossy green leaves like jackfruit leaves, the appropriate growing temperature is about 25 - 30 degrees Celsius.

The scent of jackfruit coffee is very unique and very different from other coffees on the market, sometimes as mild as the scent of jackfruit, adding a sour taste that makes everyone impressed from the first sip.

Coffee Jackfruit

Coffee Culi

Culi coffee is also known as Peaberry coffee, or Pumpkin coffee. A special feature of Culi coffee is that it only has one bean, usually Arabica and Robusta coffee will have two beans. The caffeine content is much higher than most other types of coffee.

The price of Culi coffee is very expensive. Why do you think they are so expensive, perhaps you will not expect this reason, Culi coffee is actually made from mutant coffee beans, normally coffee beans will have two beans, but Culi only a bean that is created mainly from regular batches of coffee, this is a coffee variety that cannot be bred. Culi coffee has a more intense aroma and higher caffeine content.

If it is the Culi seed of Robusta, it will have a strong aroma, a light burning smell, and a strong spread. If it is Arabica's Culi seeds, it will have a more bitter taste, mild sourness and passionate aroma.

Coffee Culi

Weasel coffee

You must have heard about this most expensive coffee, right? So what is the taste of this "luxury" coffee?

Weasel coffee has a strong bitter taste, a mild sour taste and no acrid taste. Through the weasel's stomach, the amount of coffee reduced to very low, so it will be suitable for women.

Weasel coffee is expensive, but "expensive to cut into pieces". A small sip is enough for the aroma to spread throughout the palate. Extremely worth the experience to try once.

Mushroom coffee

Having created a craze at the time of 2017. Mushroom coffee is a combination of coffee with medicinal mushrooms, the mushrooms here are mushroom powder. Drinking mushroom coffee can limit: Cancer, improve immunity, blood sugar, and many other uses. The taste is not much different from regular coffee.

Ginseng coffee

Also known as ginseng coffee. Ginseng Coffee is a combination of green coffee and ginseng. Green coffee is unroasted coffee, so it still retains its antioxidant properties. Suitable for women to lose weight.

Coffee capsules

Pod or capsule coffee is quite different from other types of coffee on the market, this is coffee that is roasted and packaged in the form of small plastic pellets. To make this coffee requires a coffee machine, the cost of this machine is not too expensive. You can learn more about Nespresso coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules have been prepackaged and processed according to different coffee flavors such as Espresso, Cappuccino,... Just put the capsule directly into the dedicated coffee machine, there will be a cup of coffee right away. delicious.

Elephant dung coffee

Like weasel coffee, elephant dung coffee is ranked among the most luxurious, expensive and high-quality coffee in the world.

During the digestion and fermentation process in the elephant's belly, the bitter protein is removed, so a cup of elephant dung coffee will not taste as bitter as other regular coffee. Maybe when you drink it, you will feel a slight fruity taste . Also, by being digested by elephants with their food.

It takes up to 33kg of coffee to get 1kg of elephant dung coffee, which is enough to understand why it is so expensive. Although the price is so high, the attraction does not diminish, the first sip will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

So we know the famous delicious coffee in Vietnam is extremely useful. There are still a lot of other types of coffee. Don't hesitate to try it out. Hope this article has been helpful to you.

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