Ways to identify clean coffee

How to know if the coffee you are using is really clean coffee or not? Does the type of coffee you drink every day benefit your health and longevity? Aeroco Coffee will reveal to you the following ways to recognize clean coffee!

What is clean coffee?

Clean coffee is coffee made from 100% pure coffee beans and not impregnated with any other ingredients. After roasting coffee beans, it will not feel greasy to the touch, has a natural and gentle aroma. In particular, the type of coffee will always ensure food safety and hygiene.

What is clean coffee?

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Ways to identify clean coffee

1. About volume

The difference of coffee beans compared to other beans is that when roasted to a certain temperature, it will expand and the volume will increase from 1.5 to 2 times. weight will be reduced by 20-30%. Therefore, coffee powder will have a lower mass compared to other cereal flours. Therefore, the volume (or mass) of 1 kg of coffee powder will be larger than the volume of other roasted cereal flours. So if you hold two bags of coffee with the same volume in your hand, you will be able to easily identify which bag is clean coffee, pure coffee will contain more coffee, larger, volume The powder contains more, so it will give the feeling that the bag of pure coffee will be lighter.

2. Porosity of coffee powder

powder of clean coffee is usually very light, has a porosity, it will feel loose and loose to the touch. The flour of other grains will usually stick, less loose and flaking. Besides, roasted coffee beans will be very brittle, fragile and will break evenly in the mill, so when the coffee powder is ground, it will have a relatively uniform smoothness and sponginess. In contrast to grains such as popcorn, soybeans, when ground, the powder will have an uneven smoothness and not porous like clean coffee powder.

Porosity, smoothness of clean coffee powder

There is a little trick for you to know if the coffee powder is pure or not. First, you will take a cup of water. Next, scoop a teaspoon of coffee powder and pour it over the surface of the water. Because pure coffee powder has a low density, a larger volume than roasted cereal flours, and has a slightly porous character, it will tend to float to the top, while the powder of roasted grains will quickly sink.

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3. Color of coffee powder

Clean coffee beans when roasted to an appropriate temperature and time, the coffee powder will have a dark brown color. The powder of popcorn seeds to mix into coffee will usually be dark black, while the powder of roasted soybeans will be dark brown, opaque yellow. Therefore, if you see in a bag of coffee containing powder with a dark brown to yellow color, with a small volume but heavy hand, then the percentage of beans is mixed. If the powder is black in color and the volume ratio is also small, mix the corn a lot.

4. The smell of coffee powder

Pleasant, attractive aroma of coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you will be able to easily recognize the pleasant, attractive and extremely characteristic aroma of coffee powder. clean. Cornstarch and soybeans will often have a sharp, slightly fishy smell and a pungent smell of impregnated fuel, if a little subtle you will feel it when you smell it. 

5. Moisture of coffee powder

Clean coffee powder is less hydrated and doesn't have much moisture. Flour of other cereals will often have higher water retention and moisture retention properties. In addition, corn and soybeans do not have an aroma, so in the production process, if you mix these nuts, you will need to add some accompanying actions, that is, sprinkle chemicals and flavorings before grinding into flour. So if it's not a clean coffee powder, it will clump and look wet.

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Above are the ways to identify clean coffee. Hopefully the article can bring useful information to readers, so that you can both enjoy pure coffee and protect your health.

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