Revealing how to make delicious coffee like at the shop.

In coffee drinking culture, some people like the characteristic taste and familiarity of drinking as we are in the coffee strore, it can be the morning with a drop of coffee flowing slowly in a busy town, on a busy day. Or a warm cup of coffee melting away in a rainy afternoon. However, there are also many people with their own tastes - either sweet or bitter, always finding themselves a good way to make coffee to satisfy the pleasure of elegant coffee. Coffee is the quickest and simplest method of crafting that anyone can do. A cup of coffee has an "awsome" feeling. Aeroco Coffee reveals to you how to make good coffee like in the restaurant but still bring color with your characteristic taste.

Preparetation Stage

In this stage, you have to make sure that your filter coffee brewing equipments are clean. Choose a stainless steel filter with small filter holes to limit coffee residue. Before brewing, you can rinse the filter through boiling water and let it dry for about 5-7 minutes to "wake up" the thermal conductivity of stainless steel and reduce heat absorption so that the coffee powder expands more evenly, and at the same time brings out the aroma. Fragrant and bold taste like in the shop. Most people often skip this preparation step, but let me tell you that this is a very important step in deciding how to make good coffee or not!

Choose coffee powder with taste and scent according to your preference. All coffee shops have their own way of making delicious coffee with their typical coffees such as Arabica, Robusta, etc. The coffee beans will be acidic, sweet, bitter, with a mild scent or other strong aroma. together. Proper understanding of nuts will bring you a good experience and suit your taste when enjoying. Regardless of the type of bean, with just a "secret" you can both enjoy a delicious coffee reminiscent of the feeling of being at a familiar shop, while adjusting the sweetness and bitterness of your "standard" taste.

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Way to make delicious coffee like at the shop
Step 1: Put 20 grams or nearly 3 teaspoons of powder into the filter, shake gently to ensure that the coffee is evenly covered in the filter and the small particles fall out to limit the residue.

Step 2: Put 30-40ml of boiled water from 94-96 degrees Celsius all over the filter surface, close the lid and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to expand evenly.

Step 3: Here you can put the button, also known as the compression tool. Continue to add 40ml of boiled water below 96 degrees Celsius to the filter. Gently press the compressor with just enough force so that the flavor is not too strong and bitter, nor is it so light that it loses its inherent flavor. Wait 4-5 minutes for the coffee to extract and then use according to preference.

Here is the way to make delicious coffee as instructed, you can already drink a standard cup of coffee as we are in the cafeshop but still have a unique flavor that suits your personal preferences. This is a great choice for the "addictive" pleasures of true coffee enthusiasts.

Way to make delicious filter coffee like at the shop.


Paper filter coffee - convenient but still brings the best experience like at the shop

Enjoying coffee is an art, where artisans are always fascinated by the unique flavor of "life" that only coffee brings to people who have the pleasure of enjoying this drink. However, not everyone has the time to prepare the tools and prepare methodically to produce a cup of coffee as good as outside in the way of making delicious coffee that the article shares. In the midst of the busy whirlpool of life, people tend to save more time. That's why paper filter coffee was born, meeting the needs of busy "artists".

If you are a connoisseur of this drink addiction, you will know paper filter coffee, also known as filter bag coffee. As a very modern invention, paper filter coffee helps to simplify the preparation stages as well as the methodical steps, but still ensures a perfect cup of coffee you like. With pure ground coffee beans and convenient filter paper bags, the coffee taste still retains its rustic taste, besides with its unique streamlined design, there will be no coffee residue like when you make a filter. traditional.

Improving the method to be more convenient in terms of time and space for users, do you know the secret to making delicious paper filter coffee? The article will share with you how to make delicious coffee using this modern coffee.

Paper filter and how to make good coffee

It is found that simply to make the coffee paper filter because of its convenient and easy "mission". You just need to tear the paper filter according to the crease line available in the bag design. Then gently separate the two bag straps to hang on the mouth of the glass. Be careful with your hands, because the material is paper, it may tear. Choose a cup with a moderate width to ensure the coffee bag handle is fixed more firmly.

Continue the familiar process of making delicious coffee in filter form. You can use a spoon to lightly crush the powder to get the best taste before pouring 30-40ml of boiling water at 94-96 degrees Celsius all over the surface of the bag, to "wake up" the coffee beans to bloom evenly, up the smell. its inherent flavor and wait 30 seconds.

Then pour in about 30ml of boiling water of 94-96 degrees Celsius, depending on your taste, you can adjust the water level accordingly. Wait for the coffee to extract for 4-5 minutes and then use as you like.

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Depending on your needs, you can choose a variety of coffee, but the way to make good coffee is almost the same. Just a few simple steps and you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of enjoying this traditional ethereal drink. Try this recipe as soon as you can!

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