Way to distinguish coffee beans simply as the "Master"!

Whenever you drink coffee, you will realize that each selling location has a very unique taste and very specific aroma that you can hardly find elsewhere, or "imitate" brewing at home. There are places where coffee has a gentle, elegant aroma, and there are places where it has a strong scent. Sometimes it's a cup of coffee with a sweet and bitter taste, but sometimes you feel an attractive sour aftertaste in another place, etc. The difference in coffee flavor may be the recipe, but most of it depends. Depends on the type of coffee beans the shop uses. Aeroco Coffee will help you to distinguish simply to choose for yourself the type of coffee that suits your taste, or "catch up" the types of coffee beans that your familiar shop uses!

Types of popupar coffee beans

We drink a lot of coffee, and are often fascinated by the very "lifelike" sweet and bitter aroma of this traditional drink, but it is difficult to distinguish the characteristics of each type between the world of coffee. immense abundance. Aeroco Coffee tells you 4 popular types of coffee on the market that you often find and easily find.

  • Arabica coffee (Tea Coffee)
  • Robusta coffee (Robust coffee)
  • Cherry seed coffee (Jackfruit coffee)
  • Culi bean coffee (Coffee Bi)

How to distinguish different types of coffee beans simply?

To become a true "player" in the coffee-loving society, working in the coffee industry, or simply a person who loves the elegant charm and likes to taste coffee "standard" in your way, you need to know how to distinguish the different types of coffee beans, with just a few tips through the following observations.

Arabica beans (Tea Coffee)

Arabica is a coffee bean with the highest economic value in the coffee industry of the world and is quite popular in Vietnam, originating in the mountains of Yemen, the highlands of southwestern Ethiopia and southeastern Sudan. The reason people are familiar with it is that they have a small and low-cut leaf structure similar to a popular industrial plant in Vietnam - tea tree.
Through observation, Arabica beans have oval shape (oval shape) with wavy grooves between the seeds. Arabica beans are coarser and larger than Robusta beans.

The Arabica beans (Tea Coffee)
Caffeine is the main ingredient that creates the bitter taste of coffee beans, the higher the content, the more bitter it will be. Arabica has about half less caffeine than Robusta beans. However, the amount of caffeine in Arabica has the ability to stimulate the nervous system for a longer time than other coffee beans. Arabica has a higher amount of natural sugar in the seeds than Robusta. Therefore, coffee and tea will be the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine as well as those who are lovers of sweetness.
Arabica beans have a faint smell like blueberries or fleshy like peanuts. Therefore, the coffee flavor is very pleasant, like chocolate or caramel. When mixed, it will give a light brown color, clear and pure like amber. For these reasons, although Arabica beans are more expensive than other types of coffee beans, they are still very popular in many parts of the world.

Robusta beans (Robust Coffee)

Robusta beans born later than Arabica about 50 years later, people found Robusta in the Congo regions of Belgium in the early 19th century. Robusta and Arabica are two main types of beans in the world coffee industry. Although it ranks second only in terms of popularity of coffee beans, it is the main coffee variety of Vietnam's industry, accounting for 90% of the total coffee production in the country, making Vietnam one of the most popular coffee beans in the world. become the largest exporter of Robusta in the world.
Through observation with the naked eye, Robusta coffee beans are round in shape, smaller in size and lighter in color than coffee tea, and the groove between the beans is a straight line.

The Robusta beans (Robust Coffee)
The caffeine content in Robusta coffee is quite high, this is also the reason for the characteristic bitter taste of Robusta coffee beans in coffee beans. , warm in the original coffee. Revealing the secret to you, "robust" in Robusta means strong with a rustic touch. So, just by the name, it helps you distinguish two types of coffee beans very simply!
Robusta beans have a strong, acrid taste and a strong aroma of wood or burnt rubber. The basic taste of Voi coffee is a bit bitter and a light sour aftertaste. When brewed, coffee is dark brown and black. Although the taste is strong, somewhat coarse, difficult to satisfy the taste of many people, but Robusta has characteristics that other types of coffee beans do not have. For those who love strength and think that coffee  must bring a real bitter taste, this popular coffee bean is an extremely reasonable choice.

Cherry seed coffee (Jackfruit coffee)

Cherry coffee, also known as jackfruit coffee, is so familiarly called because it has a tree structure and leaves similar to jackfruit. After tea (Arabica) and Voi (Robusta) coffee, the third branch is jackfruit coffee (Cherry), which are three of the popular coffee beans that every "player" needs to know how to distinguish. Coffee Cherry is a rare "child" of the Central Highlands' mountains with its specificity in flavor and density of plant distribution.
Coffee  Cherry beans are quite large, about 1.5 times larger than Arabica beans, which can be considered as the largest coffee variety. Coffee beans   have a shiny golden brown color that is very popular.

Cherry seed coffee (Jackfruit coffee)

Cherry coffee beans have a faint, pleasant aroma of flowers and ripe fruits, most like jackfruit and blueberries, when mixed, there will be a light chocolate smell. The caffeine content in the beans is relatively and moderate, higher in coffee and tea and lower in coffee with no water. Besides, the sour taste is what makes this coffee bean special. It is because of these factors that jackfruit coffee is quite popular among women among coffee beans in general.

Culi bean coffee (Coffee Bi)

Culi coffee, also known as Bi coffee. Studies indicate that Bi coffee is highly likely to come from single Cherry coffee beans, which were discovered during sorting and processing. It is because of this manual selection process that Culi beans are often rare and expensive.
In Spanish, Culi coffee is called Caracolillo – which means “snail”, possibly because the rounded shape of the bean is quite similar to this lively animal, which is why the Culi  bean has characteristics. the most distinguishable appearance in the coffee beans.

Culi bean coffee (Coffee Bi)

In the mutant form, coffee beans have only one kernel instead of two like the usual ones. And that is the reason that makes the very unique difference of Bi coffee from the round shape like a pea to the unforgettable flavor. Due to its single kernel, Culi's caffeine content is very high, creating a challenging flavor and aroma that is unmatched by any other grain, characterized by a gentle aroma with hints of malt and burnt bread. . The coffee water is jet-black in color and has a sweet smell. This is a coffee exclusively for the followers of "strong" coffee, just like the unique personality of Culi beans.

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With the inherent characteristics in the shape and taste of the coffee beans that you can tell them apart. The vast coffee universe is like that, but it's not difficult to become a "professional", right?

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