The benefits of using paper filter coffee

When it comes to coffee, we are probably too familiar with the way to enjoy it is to use aluminum filters. So what is paper filter coffee? A relatively new name in the Vietnamese market. But in fact, paper filter coffee appeared in the early years of the 20th century and was used in Japan. When the economy is growing, so is the working time increasing, to save time and still be able to enjoy a cup of pure coffee with original taste. That is also the reason leading to the birth of this type of coffee. Let's Aeroco Coffee learn about this special coffee!

What is paper filter coffee?

Coffee is stored in filter paper bags

Paper filter coffee has the English name "Drip Bag coffee", also known as filter bag coffee. This is a form of roasted coffee, stored in a filter paper bag. A special feature is that they are designed and used as a coffee filter, extremely convenient to use.

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Benefits of using paper filter coffee

Convenient, easy to use

If before, to be able to enjoy a cup of pure traditional coffee. We often have to prepare ourselves the type of roasted coffee that suits our preferences. Then, prepare the tools to make coffee such as: Aluminum filter, cup, boil water. And have to wait for about 15 - 30 minutes to be able to extract a cup of coffee. This can be easily done while we are at home. But if you are at work or on a business trip,... It will be quite difficult to carry coffee making equipment. 

To solve this problem, we can use paper filter coffee, we can both be proactive about space and time and can enjoy the true taste of original coffee anywhere. When using, we only need to spend less than 5 minutes to extract a perfect cup of coffee.

Clean roasted coffee, giving the "real" coffee flavor

Coffee purely roasted

Unlike instant coffee, paper filter coffee is pure roasted coffee, suitable for making filter.

So why is this coffee so popular with consumers? Perhaps because paper filter coffee not only brings convenience but still retains the original taste of rustic coffee, completely without any additives or preservatives. Things that can degrade as well as change its original taste.

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Easy to store and use

Closed packaging process and the material of the paper filter are the special points that help coffee always in the best preserved condition . The right humidity of the paper filter is the ideal condition for storage to help coffee always retain its delicious flavor over time. 

The "perfect" choice for those who travel, backpacking

In travel, backpacking is definitely indispensable for coffee packages with passionate flavor in the experience luggage. Paper filter coffee is conveniently packaged to make it easy to carry. And there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a cup of coffee prepared by yourself.

Helps improve mood and health 

Helps improve mood and health 

Instead of using stimulants like alcohol, tobacco to improve mood. So why don't you try choosing for yourself a cup of coffee, then turn on some music or read a book. Not only will this help you improve your mood and health, but it will also help you think better and enhance your memory.

Meaningful coffee gifts

For those who love the taste of coffee and Vietnamese culture, paper filter coffee will be an extremely meaningful gift for your loved ones and partners.

Helping you enjoy the original taste of coffee, as well as helping your friends better understand the culture and way of drinking coffee of Vietnamese people.

Instructions on how to properly use paper filter coffee 

Step 1: Tear the filter according to the available sugar. Use the ear available on the hook to hang it on the mouth of the glass.

Step 2: Pour 24ml of boiling water (94 - 96 degrees Celsius) into the filter to let the coffee infuse evenly and expand. Then wait for about 30 seconds, pour 24ml of boiling water (94 - 96 degrees Celsius) into the filter. 

Step 3: After 4-5 minutes, remove the filter from the cup, enjoy the coffee. 

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Above are the benefits that paper filter coffee brings. Hope the article can bring you useful information!

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